Pamela Sanders, DVM

Chief of Staff

Hi, I am Pamela Sanders, D.V.M. (Chief of Staff).  I have been the owner of Princeton Veterinary Clinic since 1987. I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, and then moved west to go to college in Colorado. I graduated from Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine in January 1980. I moved to the South Bay after graduation and worked in practices in Los Gatos and San Jose. In 1985, I was President of the Santa Clara County Veterinary Medical Association. I bought Princeton Veterinary Clinic in July 1987. After over 40 years, I still love being a veterinarian.

I enjoy sharing my love and respect for animals with their owners. I am especially interested in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and trying to solve behavioral problems. I also like working with service dogs (Canine Companions for Independence, Guide Dogs, Police Dogs) to try to enhance the special bond these dogs have with their owners. Currently, my at-home dogs – Cully and Willie, and 3 cats, Scalien and Danny Boy.

Dr. Pamela Sanders, DVM